Mother, These Various Causes of Reduced Breast Milk and How to Overcome It

Some breastfeeding mothers may have experienced decreased or not as much breast milk production as usual. If various methods have been done but have not been successful, Mother can find possible causes, so that an appropriate solution can be found. Decreased milk production certainly triggers mothers' concerns about the adequacy of baby's nutritional intake, especially for babies who only consume milk. Come on, find out what are the causes, as well as how to overcome them. Factors That May Cause Breast Milk Reducing Generally, milk production is reduced because there are certain problems that cause the frequency of breastfeeding is reduced. For example, your nipples hurt when you breastfeed, or you are tired. In addition, there are several factors that can also cause reduced milk production, including: Do not immediately start breastfeeding Maybe you wait too long before you start breastfeeding regularly or take too long to pause before breastfeeding. This condition ca
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